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/ Bobby Roy

A Day in the Life of Managed Services

Dedicated and experienced administration and support of your mission critical systems, also known as Managed Services has increasingly become an integral part of managing and maintaining an effective and healthy Quality Management System (QMS), and nobody at Process Stream knows that better than Dhara Kothari. Dhara started out with us as a quality systems analyst and has moved up the ranks through experience and dedication to her current role as the overall support manager and coordinator of Process Stream Managed Services, known as streamCARE. Her goal and mission: provide companies with skilled, qualified TrackWise administration services wherever they’re needed. Dhara recently sat down with us to discuss the present capabilities and the future potential of Process Stream Managed Services – and how she thinks it’s going to transform quality systems administration.

The thing about Managed Services, Dhara tells us, is that it solves a variety of challenges. “Every project is different. Sometimes clients need a service professional to immediately cover a loss or gap that can’t go unfilled. Sometimes they want to reallocate internal resources elsewhere, so the need is less urgent.” streamCARE support focuses on helping companies adapt to new and changing complexities in the quality ecosystem, enabled by Process Stream's bleeding-edge expertise. Process Stream has unique experience and training with Sparta’s technologies, and has the ability to optimize any system in your quality landscape. That allows Process Stream team members to fill a wide variety of roles, from full-service TrackWise administrator needs to act as a guiding light to an existing team.

Process Stream is developing a team of razor-sharp specialists and solution consultants who are highly trained in every aspect of QMS administration. That means that streamCARE supported projects are always staffed by people with extensive experience in multiple settings. Process Stream’s TrackWise and quality engineers operate in a wide variety of functions on Managed Services support engagements including TrackWise application administration, Web Service and Analytics support, and Database Administration. 

One of the major points that Process Stream’s management team took away from this year’s Sparta Connection was the increasing demand for deep and proactive managed service solutions. As EQMS systems become increasingly integral and complex, the need for qualified, analytical, and highly skilled resources becomes more urgent. Process Stream’s resources stay on top of all the latest technologies, analytics and infrastructure updates and trends, and help pave the way for their clients to innovate and stay ahead of the curve within their quality ecosystem. Case in point: Process Stream’s streamCARE division has implemented a proprietary monitoring system, monitorIQ, which enables their analysts to proactively monitor their client’s applications, services, and QMS infrastructure, all through a dashboard like mission control interface. Building these technologies internally or pinning down the sort of in-house resources to give the same level of service and dedication to client’s quality management systems has proven to be more costly, resource intensive, and simply not practical. The resulting increased emphasis and focus on Managed Services as a core offering enables Process Stream to put clients that share industry leading innovation and proactive administration as a core objective front and center. 

That experience has allowed Process Stream Managed Services to tackle dicey, complicated cases where, for example, a company was wrestling with cumbersome processes to update selection values. Our dedicated, expert Managed Services team was able to streamline their processes to be more effective, more efficient – and reduce client frustration. 

What’s on the horizon: Dhara expects innovative trends in streamCARE to continue, and even expects that hosted services, in which a third party provides and maintains the hardware infrastructure, will soon become a major component to the business. This service is profoundly less resource-intensive for clients, reducing their initial risk and providing them with a more stable quality infrastructure while reducing administrative headaches. That means a tighter integration between technology and business logic – and a better long-term quality solution. 

In other words, as Dhara puts it, the trend is toward a total-care relationship between Process Stream and their client partners, where every need is met and the global expertise of the entire organization is put at their clients’ fingertips. That means that any problems are addressed quickly, their quality processes are always consistent with their business processes, and that they’re always fully equipped, from end-to-end, to guarantee a reliable and efficient production system. 

And really, it’s all about the basics, as she puts it: Process Stream Managed Services streamlines your system without eating up a ton of your internal resources or budgets. That lets companies focus on their core business without getting bogged down in the nitty-gritty of IT and application administration. When you’re able to dedicate your attention to what you do best, you can do it better – more efficiently, more effectively, and more profitably – than ever before.