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At Process StreamTM, we are solution seekers. We are continuously presented with issues, and it is our job to find the perfect solution, and then implement it seamlessly.This particular case proved to be quite difficult, since we didn’t have any legacy documentation to fall back on for reference.

We literally had to build a solution from the ground up, using our expertise and in-depth knowledge of TrackWise and web services to support the functionalities needed.

In the end, however, we had something to be very proud of, and we had a very happy client. Check out the case study below:

Business Challenge

Process StreamTM was engaged to evaluate a custom  numbering and lookup utility which was being used to generate new reference numbers and search for internal products to apply to a TrackWise record. In previous versions of the software, database triggers were used, however, when the client upgraded to the latest version of Trackwise, database triggers could no longer be utilized. It was Process StreamTM’s job to redevelop the existing functionality utilizing web services to keep the client’s process running smoothly.

An initial challenge to the project was all the legacy documentation was no longer available, therefore Process StreamTM worked diligently to complete an initial analysis phase which allowed the team to close the gaps where the documentation did not exist.

Process StreamTM Solution

The Process StreamTM team successfully reverse engineered the utility and re-engineered an intuitive solution that leverages inbound and outbound web services. Lookup and Reference Number Generation were split into individual components. Product Lookup is now handled in real-time by a custom Apache Axis2 Web Service, while Reference Number Generation is run in the background by Quartz Scheduler. Process StreamTM’s creative thought process and expertise, enabled the successful re-engineering of the software to use algorithms to generate and search for product numbers.

Technologies Used

  • Axis2
  • Hibernate
  • Quartz Scheduler
  • Spring Framework
  • TrackWise IWS & OWS

Business Benefit

As so often happens with software, the custom solution utilized by the client previously, was no longer supported when the software was updated. By leveraging web services, in the context of TrackWise, Process StreamTM was able to not only recreate the system for the client, but improve it. While providing them with the Reference Number Generation they had come to rely on, and improving their Product Lookup with real-time capabilities, Process StreamTM was able to provide them with what they needed and so much more.

The divisions that this solution is catered to include:

  • Customer Complaint
  • Audit / Observation and Commitment
  • Validation Document Tracking
  • Change Authorization
  • Change Management
  • Investigation
  • Corrective Action