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The Latest from Our Expert Consultants

/ Bobby Roy

Building a Culture that Encourages Innovation

How businesses treat their employees gets a lot of play in the news these days. If a business requires people to work on Thanksgiving, or if they penalize someone for getting injured on the job, it’s gonna get play. Some business just don’t know how to treat their people with respect.

And that’s always baffled me.

Here at Process StreamTM, we know that our team members are what drive our success. Nothing has contributed more to our reputation for quality implementations and best-in-class service than our amazing employees; we’ve assembled a supergroup of some of the best and brightest people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and worked to build a corporate culture that respects their intelligence, their time, and their humanity.  

We’ve learned that by treating our employees like human beings and not machines of economic productivity, we not only get a happier, healthier team, but better results for our work, too. It’s not just about having a ping-pong table in the office (I mean, we do have a ping-pong table in the office); it’s about creating an environment where creativity and teamwork thrive, where your employees are valued (and feel valued), and where they’re empowered to be awesome at what they do – with a minimum of red tape.

That’s how we ended up on NJBiz’s 2015 list of the Best Places to Work in New Jersey: we’ve created a workplace environment that empowers our employees to do awesome work. We trust each one of our team members to work with a wide degree of latitude and independence, using their individual expertise to operate and lead at a high level. Our office culture isn’t encumbered by a million policies that stand between our amazing experts and a great job.

If we’ve hired someone, it’s because we trust them to excel with a minimum of management – and we’ve never been disappointed. Instead of micromanaging, we go above and beyond to maintain a culture of independence and respect that has radiated out through the entire company, fostering growth, learning, and innovation.

And I mean it when I say that that’s what makes Process StreamTM such a great business. It’s been one of our guiding principles since day one, and we work really hard to help our employees with their professional development – making classes available to build their skillsets, offering generous vacation time, and providing them with the means to build a work-life balance that they’ll thrive in.

Sometimes that means working remotely. Sometimes that means we take ping-pong breaks. But whatever it means, we want our team at their best – happy, motivated, and well-rested – because when you love your work, and you’re treated well, it’ll show in the quality of the work you do. So treating your employees great isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s a solid business decision.