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The Latest from Our Expert Consultants

/ Shane Flynn

The Hire Road: A New Approach to Creating an Innovative Workforce

At Process Stream we have made it our mission to attract the top talent in the industry in order to build a team of professional experts who are committed to and invested in our company long term.  As a result, our clients can feel confident, knowing they are not just establishing a relationship with a company; they are gaining a committed, long-term partnership.

Through experience, we realized our vision at Process Stream: draw from the most creative and intelligent pool of graduates and professionals and empower them to succeed. We want to reinforce their ingenuity, support their natural inclination to question everything, and encourage them to challenge the status quo. But to find people who embrace this culture, we realized we had to be creative with our vetting process.  Therefore, we developed a unique process that is integral to our company and indicative of how we operate. 

How We Do It Differently

Exposure to the Process Stream people-centric culture begins the moment we receive a résumé. An individual has such a substantial impact on an organization that we found it essential to develop a rigorous vetting process. If they are well-qualified on paper, we want to know these candidates’ thinking processes: how they absorb information, how they reason, and how they react to situations. We also want to know how they assimilate with our culture and our team, and of course ultimately, the value they will bring to our clients. 

We realize the candidates need to choose us, as much as we choose them. Therefore, this also is their opportunity to interview us and evaluate if our environment is one in which they will thrive and reach their potential. Asking themselves:

Is this an environment where I feel comfortable? With people I respect? Will I thrive on sharing ideas with my colleagues? Will I be challenged? Will I grow and evolve here?

It’s not about balancing a résumé against a checklist of qualifications. We want top professionals in their field or high-achieving graduates who don’t see themselves as a final, finished product, but rather who are compelled to drive the standards higher. We want creative people who are always striving to achieve higher goals and who are motivated to learn, who see something special in what we are building here at Process Stream, and who are so energized by it that they cannot help but want to be part of it and to fortify it. To uncover this talent, everyone in our company gets involved. It’s a hiring process that includes:

It was disconcerting -10 of us in a room and all of us waiting for something to happen, not realizing at first we were that something happening.

Initial Screening: We review résumés and screen viable candidates in person (e.g. career fairs) or via telephone prior to an office visit.

Group Interaction: We place 6-10 people in a room for about 20 minutes and see how they react and interact. We like to start our office visit observing candidates who must sit together and interact, knowing they are going for the same position. How they react and interact can tell us a lot about that person. Are they engaged in the moment? Or are they uncomfortable and resorting to their cell phones?

You don’t just learn about Process Stream, you learn about yourself, the way you think and the way you face challenges. It’s very rewarding.

Culture Overview: We acquaint them with our industry, our vision and our unique culture. We discuss why Process Stream has been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in NJ for three years in a row, and more importantly, why we do what we do. Attracting talent that appreciates why we do something rather than what we do ensures a team that wants to evolve and grow with us.

It was both terrifying and exciting. Think about it, interviews are nerve-racking even when you know what to expect. Process Stream changed that traditional interview. But then it hit me! This is more what the job requires of me, and what I’ll be part of. This makes sense!

Round robin sessions: Candidates are divided into different 20 minute sessions covering:

Logic puzzles and brainteasers: We gain insight into how they process information, their decoding and deconstruction skills and thought processes. Or we see if they get frustrated and give up when faced with a challenge.

Traditional interviews: Here we get to know each candidate more personally and track his/her train of thought through discussion points and questions.

Meet and greet: The candidate familiarizes himself/herself with our company, tours the office, and discusses “a day in the life” with Process Stream consultants.

Presentation: With minimal prep time, we ask them to do a brief presentation on any topic to see if they can think on their feet and the level of genuine passion that they bring to their topic of choice.

Lunch: This is for everyone in the office, not just for the candidates and those involved with the round robin sessions. The relaxed setting is conducive to seeing how effectively the candidates communicate and establish relationships, which are crucial attributes to consultant success. This is also an opportunity for the candidates to see the full scope of our organization.

Feedback: As soon as the candidates leave and while it’s fresh in our minds, we review what we learned about each of them. As a group, we rate and rank that information against the list of positions we have and to whom they would report. 

Why We Do It Differently

I got caught up in that excitement from my first day. I couldn’t wait for this ride to start, and I don’t want it to ever end. I don’t dread Mondays. I can’t wait to get to work and be with my PS family and bring that energy to my clients. I’m pumped knowing something great is going to happen again today.

Obviously this is a time-consuming process, but we can’t think of anything more valuable than ensuring that we have the best people in the industry who share our same dedication and vision. Our professionals are always the most valuable resource because they impact our organization and our culture in such important and profound ways. 

Our people don’t only provide the foundation; these top talents fill every nook and cranny toward that pathway to excellence. We want them and we want to keep them. While we invest in securing new talent, we also promote our veterans. We have programs in place to keep all of our professionals inspired and energized to remain on the leading edge of their fields, which in turn, benefits our clients. We fully realize that our consultants are what makes Process Stream an industry leader.

We think that investing time and energy in sourcing the best talent in the industry is well worth it – so far, we’ve been proven right.