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Process Stream Partners with Vossom

Princeton, NJ – Process StreamTM, a Princeton-based industry-leading quality system solutions consulting company, announced today a strategic partnership with information technology and services company Vossom to build and deliver best of breed products for quality and compliance solutions in the life sciences and regulated industries space.

Vossom will work collaboratively with Process StreamTM's innovation hub streamLABS in developing and launching these new and innovative products.

Process StreamTM co-founder and Managing Director of Solutions Consulting Bobby Roy commented, “We are very excited to partner with Vossom in working to build and deliver industry-defining software solutions. Jason Voss, the founder and principal of Vossom, is highly regarded as one of the best in the quality and compliance arena, not only in terms of technical abilities but also deep industry knowledge.”

He continued: “The products that we’re working on will help fill some of the gaps in the quality ecosystem, helping customers get more from not only their quality systems,  but all applications they use to ensure quality and regulatory compliance.”

Vossom founder Jason Voss was equally enthusiastic.

"The quality landscape is changing rapidly and I am very excited to be working with Process StreamTM on cutting edge solutions to help customers adapt and manage their Quality processes more efficiently and reliably. Our combined expertise positions us as a leader in this space and our strategic partnership is destined to produce some amazing results.”

streamLABS’ first releases, selectionIQ and migrationIQ, are scheduled to be launched in Q2 of this year.