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Software Innovation Q&A Session #2 (Jason Voss): Developing archiveIQ

Our StreamLABS product innovation team has been hard at work developing a new, end-to-end, data archival solution. In Q&A session #2, we chat with Chief Solutions Architect of streamLABS and the architect/lead developer of archiveIQ.

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What market factors inspired the idea for a product like archiveIQ?

Echoing May's comments in the previous blog session, companies continue to grow organically as well as through M&A activity. Companies find themselves with more and more systems to manage and support which becomes burdensome and wastes resources. Due to the nature of many of these systems, the data has to be kept around even if the system is no longer actively being used.

archiveIQ was designed to solve many of these problems, allowing a company to consolidate multiple systems into a single location, while still providing a robust set of functionality to users to be able to query and report on Quality Data when needed. 

Why do you feel data archival is becoming more prevalent in today’s landscape?

One factor is time. Electronic systems have been around for 10+ years, 20 years for some companies, and the amount of data is growing exponentially. An archive system helps keep active systems lean. 

The second factor is digital transformation. Many companies are moving their quality processes to the cloud and retiring legacy systems. For larger and older systems there is no benefit to bringing all of the legacy data into a new cloud based QMS. archiveIQ provides a means to keep that data around and accessible while preserving the distinctions of the original system.

What features and functionality are you most excited for users to experience?

  • - Our modern interface that is impressively fast-and-responsive
  • - The robust query engine for querying on all quality data
  • - The ultimate ability to find data for many systems all-in-one-place

What practical use-cases do you see archiveIQ serving for clients? Do you see potential for organizations to utilize aIQ beyond what was initially anticipated?

The main use-cases of archiveIQ are centered around the 'live' archive system that works in conjunction with customers’ existing TrackWise® environments. Companies can also benefit from the repository for Quality Data when they decide to retire a TrackWise system. As of now, the tool is very focused on doing these things well, but the plan is to expand what archiveIQ can do over time, applying the learnings from our clients' needs and evolving market demands.