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The Move to Quality 4.0: Analytics & 'Big Data'

Continuing on our journey into 'Quality 4.0', this week, we take closer look at Analytics & 'Big Data'. These industry buzzwords have been widely-used as of late, but they do warrant a deeper conversation. They are core pieces of intelligence that can lead your organization to further success if leveraged properly.


Analytics, and leveraging learnings from them mean a lot to your business plans moving forward. Empowering site, department and executive management to utilize big data tools will increase the usability of that quality data, thus turning it into actionable insight for future plans. Common examples that we’ve seen include:

  • Finding ways to incorporate ETL solutions for migrating QMS data into data warehouses/data lakes.
  • Forging partnerships with key analytics technology partners.
  • Contracting analytics tool experts for analysis, especially those demonstrating successes through their analytics investments, combined with the right resources and specialized skill sets.
  • Developing best practice quality metrics reporting packages for out-of-the-box use.
  • Managing complex Analytics and Data Visualization projects.

For more on Analytics & Big Data, check out the streamINSIGHTS page where our Managing Director of Business Development, Mickey Shah, shares some perspective on how to mine your data meaningfully.