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The Move to Quality 4.0: digital Transformation

Last week, we mentioned some strategy and implementation methods for moving to Quality 4.0. This week, we take a closer look at Digital Transformation.

We even provide a sneak peak at some tools developed by our streamLABS team, which by design, are addressing the needs of EQMS systems head-on. 


It’s not new that organizations and industry leaders have been praising the move to cloud solutions.  Lowering capital expenditure and operational costs, staying current with the latest technology, and scalability as a result of company growth certainly gives you a competitive advantage. However, for regulated industries such as Life Sciences, moving Quality Management Systems to the cloud has traditionally raised concerns about validation and compliance, especially around privacy regulations. These challenges are now being met with robust solutions that take compliance to heart, so that moving to the cloud is easier, and more secure than ever before.

When moving your Quality Management Solution to the Cloud, cost savings can be achieved by moving from in-house infrastructure like data centers and servers, and transferring that cost to an operational expense (OpEx) in subscriptions for cloud services. Cloud solutions can provide two options:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS): go to a new multi-tenant software solution
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): take your existing software solution with you

Our Director of QMS Solutions, Mickey Huber, spells out some of the details on the move to cloud, here.


Migrating data from QMS applications as a result of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures can now be streamlined with purpose-built tools that allow for streamlined moves of QMS data from one system to another. These tools verify that metadata, as well as required audit trail and metadata reporting moves, provide a full snapshot of the QMS records as they existed in the legacy systems. Our streamLABS product team has developed an extension tool that can make this process as efficient and accurate as possible. Learn about migrationIQ here

Archival Solutions for legacy QMS records will be another area to prioritize in your transition from on-premise to cloud hosted solutions. Ensuring organizations uphold regulatory requirements for mandatory record retention, while still enabling archived data to be leveraged for reporting and insight will be crucial. There is an ongoing process associated with the organization and management of that data, so finding software solutions to balance and streamline that level of effort (Like archiveIQ) can be vital.

Additionally, leveraging an IT Managed Service Provider that understands quality data has become increasingly critical to maintaining an effective, robust QMS system. Organizations that have built automation tools to proactively monitor QMS applications, their overall health in validated states when platform upgrades or updates are performed, assures system stability and optimal performance. Identifying and contracting resources to manage those tools can be just as important as the solutions themselves, something to be mindful of in your budgeting and project planning. We've been fine-tuning a tool that provides "peace-of-mind" for your system admins, measuring performance on all key components of your system, identifying root causes on issues and reporting them in one custom-made dashboard. Learn more about monitorIQ.

Be sure to tune in next week as our INSIGHTS team covers the next Move to Quality 4.0 installment on Technology-enabled Solutions, and please join the conversation on our social channels to let us know your thoughts!