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The Move to Quality 4.0: Technology-Enabled Solutions

Last week, we mentioned some strategy and implementation methods for moving to Quality 4.0. This week, we take a closer look at technology-enabled solutions.



From Automated Configuration of TrackWise to automated Testing and Validation for both on-premise and cloud solutions, cutting-edge strategies and technologies will define Quality System builds in the future. Several tech-enabled solutions could provide efficiencies for your organizational process.

Much like other facets of the move to cloud, software solutions and extension tools can be used to supplement current efforts. Deploying technologies that will automate configuration of Quality Management Systems, as well as the validation and testing of user requirements can result in leaner and more accurate systems.

With the advent of mergers, acquisitions and product or division divestitures, data migrations between quality systems can now be setup and reliably maintained by automated solutions. What once were painstaking, subject to human error, manual processes characterized by custom scripting, consulting and specialized coding hours, are now usurped by automated tools and purpose-built applications that simplify and remove process waste.

Accelerated Solutions

In our years of experience in both the technical and life science industries, our product solution teams and their subject matter experts are able to design quick launch, accelerated web service implementations that provide efficiencies for quality management systems.

What once were custom web services are now pre-configured solutions that can be customized based on a company’s set of requirements. This leads to a cost and effort savings because there is no longer a need for custom solutions to be designed from scratch. Tedious manual processes related to table/grid management and user management activities can bog down your internal team’s bandwidth. Software tools such as gridIQ and loginIQ (see Accelerated Solutions section of our streamLABS page) have been created to augment these administrative aspects of your system and can increase performance in your system from end-to-end.

Proactive Monitoring

Finding ways to proactively monitor your system performance and administration has been a far-fetched “dream” for industry professionals. A mission control, dashboard-like interface would be ideal, where all your server maintenance, logs, and other critical administrative ‘checkpoints’ could be tracked and displayed. This type of tool would be highly-beneficial for troubleshooting errors embedded in log files.

Reactively responding to issues, or even worse, having your users find them first, could be detrimental to your organization's credibility. Products like monitorIQ are being built to keep this effort minimal, all while maintaining and optimizing your performance, 24/7.


(ABOVE: monitorIQ dashboard view gives the user ability to oversee production instances, related services, databases, and servers from a single, easy-to-use, customizable web interface.)


Check back in with us next week as our INSIGHTS team covers the next Move to Quality 4.0 installment on Emerging Technology Use Cases, and please share your own thoughts on any of our social presences!