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We’re back in our Princeton, NJ Headquarters after an informative and enlightening week down in Orlando for Sparta Systems’ annual Sparta Connection TrckWise User Conference.

We heard some interesting industry perspectives and took note of persistent themes throughout, many that have already been factored into our strategic planning, product development and service offerings to support the evolution of the Quality ecosystem.

One underlying theme remains, the move to Quality 4.0 is officially underway.

We’ve been hearing from clients and our industry colleagues alike that their core implementation initiatives are preparing and propelling them into Industry 4.0. Digital Transformation, Automation of Processes and Artificial Intelligence (AI) seem to be leading the way, and before long, will form the new industry standard.

There are multiple areas requiring foundational strategy and implementation methods for this move, and as such, our solutions and technology teams are striving to provide added value in guiding clients, and innovating products to address the following areas:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Technology-enabled Solutions
  • Understanding Emerging Technology Use Cases
  • Analytics & Big Data

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing our thoughts on each of the areas above in more detail, and even showcasing some new-to-market products that meet the needs and challenges of our fluid industry landscape.


With this new age among us, our industry’s ability to adapt, explore and innovate will play a huge role in our future success. While we keep current projects and implementations top priority, educating ourselves about the Quality 4.0 transformation is now equally as important. When our clients are ready to make that leap, we will be a partner fully-prepared to walk alongside them, empowering the evolution of their quality ecosystem.

Stay tuned to our streamINSIGHTS page next week for our first installment on Digital Transformation!