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Our industry is embarking on an exciting new frontier. Digital transformation and quality 4.0 are driving organizations to evolve and adapt technologies, people and processes throughout the journey.

We sat down with CEO, Bobby Roy, to discuss key themes and current trends for Process Stream's clients and the industry as a whole.

How do you think digital transformation is being looked at in life sciences?

  • I think we are living in a fascinating time right now. In the last couple of years, we have seen our clients really start to embrace the ideologies that are intertwined within digital transformation. Our clients in life sciences are really looking to push the envelope and explore ways that technology can be a driver to move their business forward, rather than just supporting their existing infrastructure and processes. They are looking for better outcomes, faster, and with more innovation than ever before. It's really exciting and makes our partnerships with clients deeper and more impactful.

What are you seeing on the ground?
  • Over the last couple of years we have started to see a lot on the ground. We have customers who are digitally curious, and are trying to understand what the next generation of products, solutions and processes will do for them. Then there are also our clients who have already started to implement projects that drive towards the digital goals they've defined for themselves. We are also noticing that the current thinking on how to validate systems and technology is coming under serious scrutiny with the digital transformation.

  • Overall, there is a true embrace of ideas around analytics, automation and cloud in ways like never before.

What are the biggest challenges when approaching digital?
  • The road to digital is not always a smooth ride. Customers that have started to go down this path are realizing that along with these new ideas, come new challenges related to adapting the way they currently work. From changing SOPs and work instructions, to challenging existing ways of thinking. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make these projects a reality.

  • In relation to customers moving to cloud, we are looking at simplifying digital data on ramps that make it easier to move the data they need in their new cloud systems, as well as off ramps that allow them to archive data that isn't needed into repositories.

  • For analytics projects, cleaning and correlating the underlying data is the first step in being able to gain the right insights. Even process implementation changes like utilizing Agile Methodologies to manage projects can introduce new challenges to organizations that haven't used Agile before. Often times, applying hybrid methodologies can soften the impact and still ensure success on these types of projects. I think as we continue to work and push forward, these initial growing pains will give way to more innovation.

What advice do you have for companies that are embarking on digital journeys?
  • Be realistic with your expectations to start with! The future looks very exciting and bright, but not everything will able to change in the blink of an eye. Just as organizations have deep roots and complexities, so do these types of projects. Have strong champions for your projects, beware of downstream effects, and embrace the exciting change that is coming!