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Software Innovation Q&A Session #1 (May Mak): Developing archiveIQ

Our StreamLABS product innovation team has been hard at work developing a new, end-to-end, data archival solution. We got a chance to sit down with the driving forces behind the design concepting and development of archiveIQ. (coming April 2020)

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Our first Q&A session features streamLABS program manager, May Mak.

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What market factors inspired the idea for a product like archiveIQ?

As companies continue to grow through mergers and acquisitions, many clients have faced the challenge of inheriting numerous disparate systems. They are looking for an archive solution to retire legacy systems into a consolidated platform. Additionally, they want the ability to 'search and report' on both business process and/or compliance data the moment they need it. The ultimate goal is to keep their product systems lean and efficient.    

Many organizations have been capturing significant volumes of Quality Data electronically for 10+ years now, and their systems have grown to a large size. An archive system allows them to free-up space, and resources on their active systems, while still providing a way to view and report on older data that may not be needed on a regular basis. 

Why do you feel data archival is becoming more prevalent in today’s landscape?

Definitely. As companies embark on the digital transformation journey, many customers are looking for solutions to archive their data so they don’t need to haul everything into the digital platform.  

Just as often, we meet clients simply looking to consolidate or 'trim down' existing systems.

What features and functionality are you most excited for users to experience?

-A simple UI that allows for viewing and running reports against archived data
-An advanced  and robust search engine to query for archived data
-A customizable job engine that archives data on a scheduled basis, or on-demand (or both!)
-Full audit trail history to meet compliance requirements

What practical use-cases do you see aIQ serving for clients? Do you see potential for organizations to utilize aIQ beyond what was initially anticipated?

aIQ will be the ultimate centralized repository for all their quality data. Given all data is in one place, it allows customers to trend on this data that cannot be archived while existing in separate systems.