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The Latest from Our Expert Consultants


What to Expect at Sparta Connection 2018

That time of the year has come again! We are in full prep-mode for the annual Sparta Connection Conference. Process Stream will have an expanded presence this year, and we are excited to reconnect with partners, colleagues, clients and industry-leaders alike.

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Continuing the trend as this year’s Titanium Sponsor, we will be hosting the official conference farewell party at SeaWorld to close out the week. (Make sure you stop by!)


While we are honored to have our very own leading several conference sessions, we are equally as excited to hear new perspectives on quality management systems and the move into the age of digital transformation. Here are a few topics we’ll be discussing in detail and what to lookout for!

  • Getting Familiar with TrackWise 9.0 and its new features
  • Leveraging Automation for Configuration and Validation 
  • Combatting TrackWise service outages and system failures through smart monitoring of your system
  • Easy Configurable solutions to Migrate and Archive your TrackWise data
  • QualityView 2.0 Feature Implementations
  • Enhancing your TrackWise support with Managed Services and Sparta’s Technical Account Management (TAM) joint operations

Several of our company leaders will be hosting workshop sessions to share their thoughts on industry trends and developments, from managed service applications to improve efficiency, to TrackWise 9.0 updates and helpful user tips.

If you’ll be joining us in Orlando from June 11-14th, be sure to come see our expert consultants in action!


See the full conference agenda here.

Learn it: Getting Familiar with TrackWise 9.0

  • Speaker: Mickey Huber
  • June 12, 2018 (1-2pm, Palazzo H)

Managed Services Empowering QMS Support Framework

  • Speakers: Dhara Kothari/Anand Shukla from Process Stream and Niambi Daniels-Harris from Daiichi Sankyo
  • June 13, 2018 (1-1:30pm, Palazzo A)

TrackWise Configuration Automation: Smarter, Faster, Better

  • Speaker: Mickey Huber
  • June 13, 2018 (4:15-4:45pm, Palazzo G)


streamLABS logo

Our streamLABS product team has also been hard at work refining some game-changing, technology-enabled solutions for the quality management space. What better place to unveil new products and solutions! All conference long, we will have our team running through product demos to share functionality, features and expanded capabilities. Here’s a sneak peak…


migrationIQTM by streamLABS is a validated migration tool that simplifies moving data into and out of TrackWise®. This desktop application is a point-and-click solution that makes data migrations painless and reliable, saving time and money usually wasted on the overhead and errors typical in inefficient manual data migration processes. This transformative software solution takes the guesswork out of data migration and system consolidation by providing an intuitive interface and automating much of the migration process.

Learn more about migrationIQ here.


archiveIQTM by streamLABS is a validated archive tool that simplifies moving and archiving data out of TrackWise® into either an enterprise repository or into archiveIQ’s Repository System. Its built in data archiver schedules jobs to extract data out of TrackWise, and its user friendly data repository system allows for viewing, querying and reporting on archived data.

New product page coming soon! Please stop by our booth for a demo.


Offered in tandem with our streamCARE services, monitorIQTM powered by streamLABS is a proactive solution to monitor your TrackWise application and infrastructure services, ensuring that your system is up and running optimally, 24/7.

Learn more about monitorIQ here.